New Century Health Jobs

new century health jobs

Among the health care companies out there, New Century Health is a cut above the rest. They are known for their innovative technology in oncological care. They are also on the cutting edge of healthcare technology and are on the cusp of expanded growth. If you are interested in a new career, New Century Health may be the place for you. Their site has a number of positions open at the moment.

New Century Health is a young company that is known for its innovative technologies in oncological care. It is also known for its cost reduction efforts. New Century Health has been known to identify the most cost effective healthcare sectors. New Century Health has also teamed up with Sunflower Health Plan in their quest to deliver high quality cancer care. In a nutshell, New Century Health’s oncology prior authorization program is a boon to oncologists and their patients.

Aside from their flagship headquarters in Madison Heights, MI, New Century Health has offices and affiliates throughout the country. The company reportedly has over 900 employees and is on track to hit its revenue goals in the next few years. The company also has a slew of awards to its name including the Health Care Institute’s Health Care Quality Award. It is a well rounded company and pays its employees well. The New Century Health motto is ‘To Provide,’ and it certainly shows.

The company has made a good faith effort to improve its employee experience and the benefits are obvious. New Century Health’s IT team is also impressive, and they are hard at work. New Century Health’s newest venture is a collaboration with Sunflower Health Plan to deliver quality cancer care to underserved populations in California. This partnership will help reduce the administrative burden on providers.

The company has also made a splash by being one of the first healthcare companies to adopt new digital health tools and technologies. Their IT team is not only adept at using new technologies, but also has an impressive number of employees tasked with keeping up with the latest innovations in the healthcare industry.

New Century Health’s main office in Madison Heights, MI is the headquarters of their Home Health division. They also have offices across the country in Atlanta, Atlanta, GA, Houston, Houston, TX, San Francisco, CA, San Francisco, CA, and San Jose, CA.

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